In Bolivia, according to the data of the Department for Persons with Disabilities, there are about 30 thousand people with disabilities, with the highest concentration in the capital. The majority of people with disabilities has a physical disability and lives isolated. Here a child have a disability, it is cut off from everything, from school and social life and lives in isolation in a marginal condition.

The Orthopedic Center of La Paz is dedicated to providing prostheses to people who have suffered the loss of  lower limbs and who live in the marginalized and poverty and therefore do not have the ability to access to expensive private care. The Center provides the prosthesis  totally free to patients, requiring a cost coverage only to those who can help.
Thanks to our contacts with orthopedic technicians who work in the center, we started sending the prosthetic material.

In December 2014, the Waldensian Church – Office 8 x1000- believed in our project and gave us a grant to help the center. Shipped machines and aids, in March 2016 was held the monitoring and training mission with the collaboration of Juan Carlos Camacho, PCO in Mexico.

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