Each You Able Associate have the right and duty to participate in community life, participate in the Assemblies (visually or via Skype) and the events of You Able Onlus. The Assembly is constituted by the Executive Council by the Members Ordinaries and the Honorary Associates.
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Received confirmation of your ammmissione, pays the annual membership fee (also online with pay pal / credit card or via bank transfer – IBAN at bottom of page)
• Individuals € 10.00
• Associations € 200.00
• Micro-Corporations  € 300.00
• Supporting members € 500.00
• Other entities / institutions € 2,000.00
The payment of the Membership fee as well as any other donation made in favor of You Able Onlus by bank transfer  is deductible, for the Italian law.


We are always looking for volunteers to help us in Italy or abroad
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