Insuperabili: the new project for Paratriathlon atheletes with Eco Race

Sport means good health,  psychomotor capabilities, socialize,  fun, overcoming physical and psychological discomfort.

Running, cycling, swimming means developing  physical and mental awareness. The outdoor multidisciplinary practice involves freedom and health and for a young man, who faces the most important stages of its growth, is an ‘essential ground for life.

Support and promote the paratriathlon, on par paralympic sport in general, it is an achievement of civilization and equal opportunities for the entire community.

Why Paratriathlon?

Approach the paratriathlon means having the opportunity to  learn three different disciplines that together create a complete sport. It offers young people the opportunity to also become a fan only to one of the disciplines, or test their skills in competitions where, in full respect of the ability of each, disabled and others athletes are put to the test by tackling together the same paths, in the provincial competition as in Olympic competition.
Practitioners are currently in Italy 50, for most of above 30 years of age. Over 150 young people  follow the activities without being able to participate. For these young people it is difficult to approach the sport because of the very high cost of the equipment, insurmountable obstacle even for a tes. The solution to the problem is the reduction of costs, where possible through the sharing of equipment. At the same time the promotion of Paralympic sport, in a form that is not exclusive but inclusive, shifts the focus from the individual to society, responsible for providing equal opportunities.




Who are the beneficiaries? Paralympic athletes or enthusiasts, young people find themselves and friends.


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