YOU ABLE Onlus is an International Non Profit Organization committed to improving the quality of lives of people with a disability, both in Italy and abroad, by providing rehabilitation services,
also for victims of wars, natural disasters or other emergency situations.

YOU ABLE was founded by people engaged in the protection of rights of persons with disabilities, through rehabilitation, cooperation and sport.

You Able Onlus is directed by: Board (6 Members); Assembly (22 Members, 16 volunteers and collaborators, 3 Honorary Members).

Main achievements of the Association:

  • Give access to devices, it means:
    – providing devices and technical assistance,believing strongly in the right of availability of appropriate devices regardless individual social or economic conditions, age, nationality or religion and in the right to have restored the functional capacity to walk, run, live and to be helped during rehabilitation
    – checking the rehabilitation process of each person the Association took in charge. The aim is help people with the disability but it has to be reached sharing good technical practices, giving the opportunities to organizations to upgrade their skills.
    – helping around 200 beneficiaries in Guatemala, Bolivia, Italia, Rwanda, Palestine, Perù, Syria, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Haiti
  • Promote sport in Italy and abroad
    – supporting a Paratriathlon team organizing events to spread sport opportunities around Italy for people with amputation or affected by paraplegia,
    – organizing team of people – with disability and not – running together relay marathon (3 editions)
    – help young people willing to practice sport in Italy and abroad
  •  Support the creation of independent orthopedic laboratory
    You Able has helped non-profit rehabilitation centers in different countries to offer a good assistance, upgrade their equipment, give good devices, promote sport opportunities. You Able Onlus believes that center for people with a disability has to be run by local Association of People with a disability with help from technicians, doctor in rehabilitation, teraphists and volunteers.

Project ongoing:
– Italy: promote Paratriathlon and Handbike sharing for children
– Abroad: Paola Biocca Rehabilitation Center -Amman, Jordan

Every year in the course of approval of the budget in June, the Board, shareholders, members and volunteers can propose new projects and decide together the commitment of our association from the following year to 3 years.