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You can make a donation via IBAN  or through Pay Pal. You can specify the reason for the project you want to allocate your donation or simply enter the country.

“Those who have been lucky enough to see up close the work of Able You know that is all about a passion and a ‘unconditional generosity. I am a volunteer who enjoys helping the association in their free time, but thanks to You Able, and to all the donors who have decided to contribute I saw beautiful things. I saw young African boys get to crutches and start walking, with a big smile as well and the desire to participate in the next marathon “on its own”, I saw many Italian amputees run! I saw the gratitude in their eyes. all with an optimized and efficient use of resources available. So I say to all .. Help the you Able to reach its goals! ” M. – Tue, 15/10/2013

YOU ABLE ONLUS  – IBAN IT36M0335901600100000070222




Ebay, zalando,, La Feltrinelli, Edreams, Groupon ….. you shop online? Thanks to your purchase the seller will make a donation to You Able Onlus (donation that will be charged NOT to you).



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